Shikako Region!

The Shikoku Region is a small island region - unknown to most of the people of the Pokemon World. It's a small area south of the Sinnoh Region and the gyms were only recently established.
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 Spark Discharge

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PostSubject: Spark Discharge   Sun Aug 29, 2010 5:13 pm

Character Name: Spark Discharge

Gender: Female

Trainer Class:Coordinater

Personality: Spark has a shocking personality as she is a tomboy and loves electric types and she is also timid at times but she is also brave at certain times as well.She is also known for her mysterious Trainer life as only 4 pokemon was revealed the other 2 is unknown this is a apart of her shocking personality and you cant expect too much from her.

Appearence: Spark has a yellow cap and a yellow jacket she has a texture of Casey but she has yellow exercising pants and when rarely revealed that she has long hair with Black and yellow stripes and a yellow sneaker.

Background: Spark had a crazy life but shocking as she grew up in Mauville City as she saw the world in her eyes facing reality time to time and even facing Death of a family member she grew up with her Brother Volt but he started his Pokemon journey with a Manectric she later got a pokemon of her own and challenged The Hoenn League but she lost to Wallace at a shocking match:"Milotic lets use Aqua Tail to make a Pillar of waters appear"said Wallace as the plan immiedietly worked "Magnezone use Discharge to counter and hurt Milotic"said Spark while her plan countered Wallaces and fainting Milotic
"You did good Milotic"said Wallace while throwing a pokeball and out a Wailord Appeared"Wailord lets use Surf"Wailord unleashed a humongous wave which fainted Magnezone"Return Magnezone,Take Stage Vespiquen use slash"commanded Spark Vespiquen charged against Wailord with a white claw forming while flying "Wailord counter with Surf then Hyper beam"Vespiquen got hit then and then again then fainted.Spark returned Vespiquen as she was trapped in a corner."I choose you Metagross lets use Hyper beam and if it tries anything funny use Protect "Wailord lock on then HyperBeam the hyperbeams clashed but since wailord used hyperbeam it overpowered Metagrosses Hyper beam immidietly K.Oing it.
Starting Pokémon:
Plusle Level 5
Moves:Growl Thunderwave Discharge

Minun Level 5
Moves:Growl Thunderwave Discharge

Pokémon History:One twilight she was walking around Mauvvile city at dispair off losing at the Pokemon League and then she went to the Power Plantish New Muavvile and saw a Plusle and Minun they were running away from an Magneton who was chasing it "I choose you Torkoal use Smokeschreen then Flamethrower"Torkoal used smokescreen then Flamethrower to K.O the enraged Magneton.Soon after they become friends then she heard of the Region Shikoku where she could start out fresh so she went to the Shikoku region and start fresh with her Plusle and Minun
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PostSubject: Re: Spark Discharge   Tue Aug 31, 2010 11:18 am

You are now welcome to start roleplaying.


Aipom - SandAttack, Scratch, TailWhip - 0/2 (6)
Lotad - Growl, Astonish, NaturePower, Absorb- 0/2 (7)
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Spark Discharge
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