Shikako Region!

The Shikoku Region is a small island region - unknown to most of the people of the Pokemon World. It's a small area south of the Sinnoh Region and the gyms were only recently established.
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 Ashley Kotomi

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PostSubject: Ashley Kotomi   Sun Aug 29, 2010 6:43 pm

Character Name: Ashley Kotomi

Gender: Female

Trainer Class: Coordinator

Personality: Ashley, is a determined young girl at the most. She always strives and fights for her goals, and will never give up despite anything that faces in her way, or whether she is facing a Tyranitar with a Zigzagzoon, she will NOT give up. She is generally inexperienced as a pokemon trainer, as in trainer's school she generally failed in every subject and it took her a while to pass them and come to the aspects as a trainer. She has no idea about type advantages or disadvantages, nor does she know what a level is. But, she isn't going to let this get in the way of her pokemon training. Yet, she finds herself rather being a coordinator then a trainer because she finds that giving a performance is better, and her Aipom prefers it.

Appearence: Ashley gives the appearance of a typical girl her age, but she doesn't dress too girly and rather mature. For a thirteen year old, she is at average height with a total of 5 feet and 4 inches, where her weight would even out onto a perfect 110 pounds exactly. She's not slim, but is more athletically built then anything. She has long and lush brown hair, usually tied back into a ponytail, the ponytail held back by a scrunchie and the back part of her pink and white cap. She also wears a white tee shirt with a black vest over it, and embroidered in the vest is a pocket with a pokeball design stitched onto it, where she holds whatever she wants. Then, she wears jean short shorts with a belt, which is where she puts her pokeballs to wear. Then, she lastly has black and red long boots that tops off her battle appearance.

Background: Ashley Kotomi was always a young girl who grew up in a small town north of PokePark and south of the Death Mountains. It was a common stop for trainers on their way to challenge the last gym or to train for the last gym, and it had a homely pokemon center where they rested and ate before the intense training. She liked living there and often visited PokePark, but her parents never allowed her to even go near the Death Mountains, but she always wanted to at least visit it. But one time her dad took her to get a pokemon for himself, called Larvitar.

She was only seven at that time and then stood in her village and attended a local pokemon school to enhance her pokemon training skills. She wasn't always a very good student, or a good trainer and she only used a sentret that she had borrowed from the academy. It wasn't a very good pokemon and upon graduation she was offered it, but she wasn't going to take it. She wanted to find a good pokemon for herself, and something cuter then Sentret. But, her parents weren't going to allow her.

But, she took a final test and won her battle with Sentret against a Rattata, and she ended u utilizing Sentret's bouncing and acrobatic abilities to dodge attacks and managed to gain a critical hit in a dire situation, but now she needed a pokemon.

Starting Pokémon: Aipom

Level 5 - Timid Nature - Pickup
Scratch, Sand Attack, Tail Whip,
Extra: The use of the timid nature raises its speed but lowers it attack.

Pokémon History: Aipom are found in trees near mountains, and Death Mountain's were no exceptions. She was playing in the city one day and then she found a trainer, who had managed to catch one of the Aipom and she saw him do it. She was praising him and then he said that it was a bit too low leveled for him and his team, and he was hoping to day care it anyway. Seeing that she looked like a sweet kid, he wanted Aipom to have a good home and gave it to the girl. The girl took the Aipom and ran to start her journey.
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PostSubject: Re: Ashley Kotomi   Tue Aug 31, 2010 11:20 am


I'll put a personal seal once I can create one =D
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Ashley Kotomi
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