Shikako Region!

The Shikoku Region is a small island region - unknown to most of the people of the Pokemon World. It's a small area south of the Sinnoh Region and the gyms were only recently established.
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PostSubject: Lyon Raigen   Lyon Raigen Icon_minitimeSun Aug 29, 2010 8:15 pm

Character Name: Lyon Raiger

Age: 14


Trainer Class: Trainer

Personality: Lyon is a rather self-centered and determined boy. Being a teenager he doesn't like to hang around with "old people" and likes to do things his way. Due to his sotory, he learnt how to survive on his own, and to know that if you don't look after yourself, no one else will. His journey as a survivor in the streets also taught him that friends are very important, and he never EVER will break their trust, or a promise he made. When you can only count with yourself and your pokémon, friends are important, and he learnt that quickly.
He can go unnoticed easily, and is a very good thief, and although his entire journey as a thief is now part of the past, Lyon did not forget his friends, neither anything life taught him. Challenges are a part of his daily routine and he learnt to face them with natural wisdom.
But how to survive and take care of his friends were not the only things his past as a thief showed him how to do, it also taught him how to be a good leader and face bigger and more powerful people/pokémons with intelligence and well applied power. Due to the fact that he never met a girl (well he did but it was a long time ago), he tends to be embarassed around them.

Appearence: Right after running away from home, Lyon was a mess, and a mess he stood until he was able to steal some new clothes and take a bath. His appearence was not very worth-seing, at least in his years as a thief. When the young boy realised he could use his Buizel to battle and earn money, he finally got himself up and ready to go! With his companion and a lot of money, he bought (YEAH, HE ACTUALLY BOUGHT INSTEAD OF STEALING :O ) his clothes. Now we can describe him as he really is ^^
Dark brown eyes, with light brown hair, when he's thinking, it seems like his eyes are looking to the infinite and they get really deep. He uses a hat, which is red and white, with the symbol of a pokeball in the front of it. Since he became a trainer he also got a blue pokewatch on his left wrist. And basically thats it, apart from the blue jacket and black pants, Lyon usually wears a black shirt under the jacket. He's not very tall, but thats really not something that annoys him, since he really doesn't care how tough anyone looks, including himself.

Background: Alright, this is probably the best part of this app. Make my character's background! =D
So, here we go: Lyon grew like a perfectly normal kid until he was 9 years old. Until that date, Lyon's life was pretty normal and happy, and he lived with pokémons in the garden around the house. His mother used to raise Roselias in the garden, and what a garden! All kinds of flowers there, especially roses. It was amazing! Those were the happiest years of his life. When he turned eleven, his mother got sick, a brain desease, and his father was having a lot of trouble raising the family on his own, and so he started to drink. His father never layed a hand on him, never beated him, and Lyon loved him, even if he used to arrive home drunk all the time. When he turned eleven, his mother died, and his father was miserable. It still had a work, and Lyon thought it would be easier for his father not to have another person to feed on the house, and so he left. He left, not because he hated his father, or his family, but because he loved him.
This was the first event that shappened his personality forever. He knew that he'd probably never come back, so he had to take each step away from home with a lot of effort. The only thing that saved him from collapsing and gave him strenght to move on, was Buizel, and their encounter was EPIC! But that story is to be posted somewhere else X)
Once he met Buizel, they both moved from Sinoh to Shikako, but their story was not over. Lyon traveled by all cities, stealing from everone, whatever he could steal to survive, having the help of his pokémon. One day, he was caught stealing the supplies of a trainer, while the boy and his pokémon were training, Lyon quickly grabbed their bag and ran away. However, noticing how the trainer and his pokémon were training, he decided to come back, give back the bag, and ask for advice.
When Sajihid (the name of the trainer who Lyon stole from) knew about his story, he suggested Lyon to battle for money, and even said he was availabe for teaching him. And so Lyon and his Buizel trained hard for three entire weeks, and when Lyon and Sahijit's paths led them to different destinies, Lyon felt the memories of his father falling on top of his shoulders.

And this is where we find Lyon! In Coco village with his Buizel, like a perfectly normal kid, who has all the training equipment, including a pokedex, and five pokeballs. People in the Shikako region were nicer than Lyon thought, and he decided to apologise the professor who lived in there for the pokémon ration he stole. Funny thing, the professor wasn't mad at him, and even gave the boy everything he needed to be a trainer.
Will Lyon and his companion suceed?

Starting Pokémon:

Sonic boom, Growl, Water Spout, Quick Attack-Curious Nature (does that exist? O_o)
Swift Swim

Pokémon History:
When he left home, Lyon walked randomly for three days, and ended up passing out near a lake. The thing is, that he didn't notice where he passed out because he was too hungry. He landed near a buizel nest and covered an egg with his arm. The mother took away all the other eggs while he was passed out, but didn't really see the other one. Lucky Lyon, the eggs was about to hatch, and for 5 full days, the baby buizel was the only thing keeping him alive, how? Lyon has no idea, and Buizel never explained him how, but the fact is that both of them grew up together as true friends. Lyon used to imagine Buizel giving him herbs, or food and keeping him alive. But the fact is, that Buizel is probably his only hope around girls xD
Although Buizel always walks by his side, Lyon's most precious object is Buizel's pokeball (Check the avi) and he never gets apart of Buizel or its pokeball.
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PostSubject: Re: Lyon Raigen   Lyon Raigen Icon_minitimeTue Aug 31, 2010 11:15 am

You are now welcome to start roleplaying.
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