Shikako Region!

The Shikoku Region is a small island region - unknown to most of the people of the Pokemon World. It's a small area south of the Sinnoh Region and the gyms were only recently established.
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 Violet Tsirblou: Complete

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PostSubject: Violet Tsirblou: Complete   Tue Aug 31, 2010 5:54 pm

Character Name: Violet Tsirblou

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Trainer Class: The class with class... Trainer?

Personality: An antagonist at heart though his motives are clouded, Violet Tsirblou displays multiple disturbing characteristics. First of all being that he holds an unhealthy obsession for his twin sister, whether this is just brotherly love or something creepier, has not been clarified. He has spent portions of his life in different places under different aliases and possesses an extraordinary level of charisma and intelligence. Along with that incredible intelligence, comes with his cunning, manipulative and above all excellent with deceitfulness. While he is shown to be kind, compassionate, and loving to children; it should be noted that he can be cold and very cruel. He even seems to have a good idea of how minds will work. Violet uses his gifts to cruelly manipulate and corrupt others, often with no apparent end other than to cause suffering and destruction. His goal, as he stated when he was young, is to be the last one standing at the end of the world. His perversions include occasional suicidal tendencies and his infrequent bouts of cross-dressing.

Appearance: Silky, almost unnaturally blond hair tops Tsirblou's head, falling down over his fluorescent blue eyes. His appearance is that of a sleek one, his body being at peak fitness. The man's face is considered extremely handsome, and Violet uses this to his advantage. Painted across his devilishly handsome facade, a cheery Glasgow grin can be found, even if his emotions say otherwise. Violet Tsirblou's attire consists of a midnight blue suit, very formal in appearance.

Background: Orphaned at an extremely young age, and utterly alone in the world if not for his twin sister Natalya. The origin's of Violet are mostly unknown, other than the fact that he endured a terribly traumatic event early in life. From then on him and his sister traveled from home to home, until finally they were separated as teens. It was not for 10 years that the two siblings would cross paths again, Violet of course immediately recognized the now grown woman, though Natalya dismissed any connection of them. So it was this chain of chronological events that made Violet who he is today. A weirdo.

Starting Pokémon: Poliwag o.o\

Pokémon History: Walking along a soggy path deep in a rain-forest like environment, Violet Tsirblou discovered something thrashing within a rain-tattered puddle. A midst the murky water, he spotted a bloodied Poliwag, obviously the victim of some sort of attack. Still retaining the emotion of pity at the young age of 7, Violet captured the water-typed creature, taking it to his twin sister so that it's wounds may be nursed. And through a vigorous recovery, the Poliwag fancied Tsirblou so much that the young boy decided to catch it, as his fist Pokemon.
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PostSubject: Re: Violet Tsirblou: Complete   Wed Sep 01, 2010 5:01 pm

I say....


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Violet Tsirblou: Complete
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